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Online Gaming

Now a major player in Gibraltar’s economy, the online gaming sector is one of the Rock’s main sources of employment. Find out more here.

Gibraltar’s online gaming presence began back in 1989 when British betting operators began online gambling in Gibraltar, taking bets over the telephone and profiting from much lower taxes on winnings than any other book makers in the UK. From these modest beginnings began a phenomenal industry for Gibraltar.

Today online gaming companies are booming on the Rock employing at least 12% of the entire workforce – that’s approx. 1,800 people for a total population of just 28,000 and this number continues to rise as companies move their operations to Gibraltar. Many UK gaming professionals relocate to Gibraltar in order to start new Mediterranean lifestyles and develop their careers within Gibraltar’s fertile online gaming environment. The number of major online betting companies on the Rock has shot up to around 20, joined most recently by William Hill.

Freddie Ballester a spokesperson for Gibraltar’s Betting and Gaming Association, referred to Gibraltar as "a minute speck on the globe, but when it comes to online gambling, Gibraltar is more than likely one of the most important jurisdictions in the online gambling world."

Why do they come to Gibraltar? Of course to take advantage of the immense tax savings provided on the Rock. While in the UK they pay a tax rate of roughly 15%, in Gibraltar this figure can sometimes shrink to as little as 1.5%. The Gibraltar government is well aware of the industry’s value to the local economy, and identifies the benefits and needs of the online gaming business, while providing generous tax breaks to encourage further growth.

Gibraltar is well known for the conservative approach taken by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority when granting gaming licenses. As part of the EU, it offers the reassurance of international standards in terms of legislation and regulation, including responsible gaming rules that ensure all operators offer assistance for and policies against addictive gamblers.

For more information:  Gibraltar Gaming Jurisdiction


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